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1:1 Coaching

Mindery is a space to think, where thoughts become actions.

We help our clients grow personally and professionally, in a sustainable way. We act as their strategic partner and supporter, helping them create clarity about who they want to be, and work with them to make it happen.

We Zoom In & We Zoom Out

We assess multiple perspectives, from big-picture vision to day-to-day reality, while helping you nurture a winning mindset.
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Big Picture Vision

We step out of the present in order to examine the gaps that exist today and plan the future you want to build towards.

Understanding where you are




Understanding your current state



Discerning what success looks like



Articulating goals & objectives



Creating the steps to achieve goals




the plan



Reviewing & adapting based on outcomes

Discerning what success looks like

Defining the approach to reaching success

Creating the steps to get there


the plan

Reviewing & adapting based on outcomes


We look to improve your present by addressing ongoing challenges across topics such as:









Our Approach

Our Approach
What Coaching Can Bring
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Meet Antonio

Having founded and operated businesses across different industries and markets, I’m passionate about leveraging my exposure to help others realize their vision. Having an external point of view has been key to my success and it inspired me to support others on their journey.

Growing can be challenging, but it can also be invigorating. Sometimes you need someone to reflect with - an outsider’s perspective - sometimes you need a brainstorming partner and sometimes you need help to keep you on track. 
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I'm from Venezuela but I'm also half Italian. I love cooking and exploring the world through food. I am married to an artist and we live in London with our baby girl Noa.

Meet Antonio
Client Testimonials
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Top performing athletes have coaches.  So should anyone who wants to achieve great things.

Antonio has helped me clarify what I want to create, the role I want to play and how to structure things around it. Our session is the only meeting I make sure I keep.  Antonio creates the space to think better. I go in heavy with a load of thoughts and come out light with clarity on the few things that matter. 

Breaking world records to teach kids to overcome setbacks & find their greatness.


 President & Partner at Entrepreneur First

Chief Product Officer at Quantcast

Founder & CEO at Struq (acquired by Quantcast)

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  • What is coaching?
    A collaborative, managed, and focused conversation in which coach and coachee work in partnership towards progress on an agreed outcome or solution. Usually some form of advancement and learning, awareness, performance, growth, development, or personal and/or professional change. The coach facilitates this process through the application and integration of a variety of approaches, styles, skills, and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place. Source: School of Positive Transformation
  • How is coaching different from therapy?
    Therapy usually focuses on past traumatic experiences to understand the current situation. While coaching focuses on the present and is future oriented by creating goals and action plans.
  • Is there a structure to follow?
    The coachee and the coach define how best to structure the work and decide what gets discussed in the sessions. Sessions can be used as a means to stay accountable and measure progress against actions set, for exploratory conversation, or both.
  • How to prepare for a coaching session?
    It really depends on the structure the coachee agrees with the coach. Sometimes it might require a recap and continuation on the work that was set in a previous sessions. Other times it might require the coachee to bring a topic to explore together.
  • How to measure success?
    Success is determined by the goals the coachee agrees with the coach. The coach and coachee hold a review at the end of each coaching period for evaluating progress and planning ahead.
  • How long and how often sessions take place?
    Sessions tend to last from 60 to 90 minutes, taking place twice a month on a three month rolling basis.
  • Where do the sessions take place?
    Sessions take place over Google Meet or Zoom.
  • Is it confidential?
    Yes. Nothing will be shared outside the sessions.

 Interested in learning more?

Tell us about yourself and what you're looking to achieve so we can start the conversation.
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